Thursday, March 5, 2009

Magnetic Resonance

The Mayan spiritual bath requires one to gather four to nine leaves or flowers of their favorite plants and crush them up in a bucket of water. During the process of gathering and mixing into the bucket one is required to say small prayers to ensure the plant spirit of your intentions. After which, the bucket of water is washed in light for a few hours to allow all the oils to settle into the water. Finally the water is applied by pouring small amounts of the herbal fluid to the body. Once finished one should meditate and/or recognize the absence of negative energies.

- The Mayans referred this bath to anyone with a blockage in their chu' ulel (soul force). Mayan shamans believed that this bath would help revitalize the electro-magnetic field that surrounds our bodies and promotes the mind/body/soul.

This sketch model portrays that space as open, flat, and transparent into the exterior world. The absence of a roof plane is evident in order to bring the structures most important elements in which are water and earth.


The floor plan examines the layout of tiles in the space. The tile are split by a pathway of water which then is connected through a series of earth magnets embedded into the floor. This allows the water to travel over the magnets and receive their energy (blessing) before moving on torwads the central cleansing ritual.

These elevations and wall sections show two ramps, one traversing the level changes and the second allowing access into the main bathing space.

The Experience:
Inside users should expect to be guided through the top level and journey into the center without disruption of the physical body. These pathes and nodes shown in the floor tile act as the users guide torward harmony