Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CAD drawings for Hipster Haven

These are some CAD drawings that came out of our CAD course. I used my second year project, the hipster haven, to expand on while learning how to use AutoCAD. Your can check out the Hipster Haven project here.

AGi32 Analysis and Lighting Application at My sister house -Kitchen

Agi32 is a program used for analysis and rendering of lighting in space. The Urban studio project "My Sisters House" had already been in the process of construction. We were using My Sisters House as a model for applying our own applications of both artificial and natural lighting in the space. The following are images of some slides I arranged to view and discuss the lighting primarily in the kitchen space.

The Chair that started it all...

This was a recent submission to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Charlotte, North Carolina. I worked on the chair during my fall semester at school to send off to the gardens, however during the process I became somewhat attached to the product and the design. The idea itself was not so much original and was something my professor gave us a week to flesh out and submit to the Daniel Stowe Botanical gardens ( in the form of drawing/materials/concept). This is some of the process and work that I have done so far. The design is still changing and I hope to finish it in the up coming month.