Thursday, May 7, 2009

M.A.C.C- Matter, Art, Creation, Convergence

This project was the first project that I designed completly digitally, however the design was drawn up and modfied many times before I went into sketchup and began creating the space. My intitial thought was that I wouldnt be able to show the enviroment that way I wanted it to feel by modeling it digitally. However I found that with the right approach and technique, and alot of patience...maybe even a week of sitting in the lab straight, you can easiely create a space that feels less bound by the confines of a digital program or look that it appears to have.

The concept behind the space is inovation through an artists personna. The space was given a label, which evolved into a more personal title as if the space were a person. Inside the space are all of the vital functions required for sustained living much as it were in a human being. The is also included space for the artist to work in involving steel fabrication and sculpture. This choice came partially because the original warehouse space struck me as an industrial haven. Then I also had to take in part of the influences I had as a designer, since I was designing for my own generation...and possibly the next.

  • East section

  • North section

  • Main floor plan

  • Loft plan

  • Wall section reveals the fastened conrete anchor bolts supporting the 2" x 4" rosewood boards along the wall. The stairway platform will fit flush with the concrete wall just between each board; other additional support includes a central concrete wall that the stair case sits on top of.

  • Isometric view of the entire complex where the apartment/loft space will be implemented

  • Bedroom- recycled aerospace aluminum alloys

  • Isometric view of all the interior components of the structure.

  • walls- poured concrete, anchor bolted rosewood 2" x 4", buffed finish on concrete and patina finish on rosewood
  • Entryway moment- recycled aluminum alloys

  • countertop- 3form gunmetal 100 percent base

  • Loft- poured concrete, applied aluminum, and polyurethane finish
  • Entertainment station- oak veneer, applied chroma mineral by 3form, and black high gloss paint finish
  • Desk- oak veneer, applied chroma mineral by 3form, and matte finish

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Ross Hetherington said...

I am still a little bit undecided about 3d renders for internals, it tends to look a bit sucky. But your is a step in the right direction.