Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Drawfest

This here is a composition of Drawing styles and techniques that I have learned over the course of the year. In class we had a model pose for us, and we had an hour to create thumbnail compositions and then create a final composition that we would incorporate 4 different techniques. The techniques that i put together were Shading, contour, blind contour, and gestural. I was fairly surprised by the work that i did here, and I felt pretty good about it. My shading drawing was very good, considering I have alot of trouble with the human face and attributing it to the person I'm drawing. Overall I feel pretty successful about the composition.

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Shading

These are a couple sketches that I did in my drawing class last week. Two of them are building by le corbusier, and then there are two drawings of people with cubes surrounding them. I actually did a good job with drawing people this time around, expecially in a short amount of time. Althought the other two drawings could use work and I feel like would have been better if I had seen them in real life.

I tried to get detail and texture in Zachs back, but only got the outlines and a little shading for the color since he was wearing a dark shirt.
I did really well on the perspective, but then the shading ended up weird and I wish I would have gone over it with a darker pencil lead, hopefully that would add contrast.

Prototype Zine for Time Capsule

The Prototype Zine layout for my Time Capsule.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Time Capsule Iterations

These are two iteration of the time capsule project that I drew for my studio drawing class. The top one is the iteration that I felt most strongly about, and the second one was mostly an experiment with forms and space. I had alot of dificulty drawing the first iteration and then the shading was alot harder as well with it. The second iteration was moreover a science project and brought some laughs I saw, but I still kept my cool, because I felt like I could bring in some kind of science into this project. Everything worked well but I was unaware that the main concept now was community and so that project failed at satisfying the communal aspects of the time capsule. Still the presentation was awesome.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shadow Cubes

In class we worked on more shading and stacked up our cubes that we made to practice the shading. I had a lot of trouble with the contours at first but I realized that it was much easier to just draw them out lightly and then darken over the more confident lines. After the contour was done I would shade in the cubes and then other remaining factors, such as people or notebooks, I would just gesture draw and try to shade a little bit.

Sketch in pen.

I saw shadows inside of shadow....if that makes any sense. Some of the light was conflicting and causing shadows to lay over each other at different tones. This was particularly hard and in the drawing above I made an attempt to replicate these shadows over each other.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Still Life

Here I selected a couple of my favorite drawings from the exercises 2.4-2.12. The first one was cool, because it was an interesting gaget and I felt compelled to put a pen in one of the clamps.

This Drawing was of Ashley Blackburn's mirror. This was meant to show texture, but the thing was really fluffy and all over the place I tried a more gestural approach to it, and then tried to refine it.

3D Shading Exercises