Monday, September 24, 2007

The Shadow Face

This is me. In the dark.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Front Face Sketchs

I was just working on some front face drawings, and this was one of the better ones that I had drawn. I sat with Shannon for a while trying to figure out what was wrong and we adjusted a few things and messed around until I finally got something to look right.

Its Satan. Just a thought...really guys...its just a thought.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pandora's Box

This box was actually had an interesting process behind it. I started out researching some box online and came across a few designs, one stretched out and locked into place, and then I came across this idea. At first I sketched it out and strangely enough the sketch was very acurate. I added dimensions to the sketch and it ended up becoming a layout for the design process, which made things much easier in constructing the box.

This first iteration of the box was very sloppy, but it was very functional. I was pleased with it, although I needed a new approach to building it. Here I cut out each individual peice and glued them together. This was not only time consuming but sloppy.

This is another picture of the sloppiness of the first project. As you can see the glue is very clearly seen.

This second iteration was much better, and I tried a new technique by scoring the sides and then bending them inward. It was much faster and much easier to build this time. The only problem I ran into was the top which I was going to put a slide peice in but then it looked tacked on and very un-atractive.

This final iteration of the box project was very easy and simple to construct. I had layed out everything on my mat board, and then just cut out two large peices. I scored them together and used rubber cement to glue them temporarily. Afterwards I used hot glue on a couple sides to help make the structure more permentant. Then I scratched away the rubber cement and It looked much cleaner. After talking to Tommy about what else I should do, he suggested that I leave it the way it is. I wanted to paint it, but he said I shouldnt have because the blue on the white was a very unique contrast.

Another shot of the finally iteration.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Portfolio Sketches

Here I've posted some recent sketches of a couple classmates, that I didn't sketch in class before. The first one (above) was an improvement on the one I did in class, because I knew where to start and what details were important to add in.
This second was another improvement on that one, because I drew it much larger and It gave me more room to add in smaller details and other improvements.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Keys in Contour/Blind contour/Negative space

Here I've posted a warm-up assignment that we did in class. The task was to draw our keys using all the different techniques that we've been practicing in class. So here is the final product of those, I thought it turned out nicely, and with more time could have had a lot of potential.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Human space drawings

I really had a hard time finding a good spot to draw people at, so I went to the library to draw people on the computers. Though the people did stay still for a bit, they always moved around and walked about, or even just left. This really made some of the drawings quite hard to do because I cant always picture what the person looked like in their past pose.
On this drawing I concentrated on getting both the peoples general position with the computer right. The space was hard to draw, but drawing in pen made things more fun because I had to commit to the drawing and go with it.

The wheelchair was another tough one...well none of these were actually easy. But this one was tough because the wheel chair was at an awkward angle and there were also alot of people in this drawing shifting around so it was a really difficult drawing. Though I tried to concentrate on the people more I ended up screwing up that and the space they were rendered in.
This last drawing (not that they are in any particular order) was drawn on the first floor of the library, in a large room on the left where a bunch of people were studying and messing around on the computers. I was a bit disappointed in this drawing mainly because I had messed up numerous times on the girl to the left and ended up having a nest of lines in there that I couldn't get rid of. I guess a lesson learned here would be to sketch over in pencil and then draw in the confident lines with pen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Humans Where? How?

This was was really difficult for me to draw. I never draw people, in fact I'm much more of an abstract kind of artist (if you want to call me that..even) than a realist. It was surprising how the sketch turned out though. I really tried hard to concentrate on the contour and relative position of them before I dived in and drew the facial expressions and small details. Another impact on the drawing was that the people in the sketch are moving around, so its hard to capture a still shot of them and draw it. I did appreciate the final look of it, even though it is rather incomplete. In the next few days though I will be sketching more on this topic, and I look forward to seeing how they turn out.

Downtown Contours

This downtown drawing was of the BB&T bank that cross market street in downtown Greensboro. This one was the favorite of the four drawings, I guess the perspective I was drawing at was unique in that it bends in both directions almost like the building is being smashed between a valley.

This is the second drawing and was sketched just on a bench down spring garden.

This drawing was hard for me because I messed up the angle of perspective and drew the vanishing point straight up which cause the sketch to bend upward hard.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Egg Project

Where to begin? Well it was 3:30 in the morning the day before a previous critique, and I had a bunch of projects that really just didn't fall through right. A couple of them were thrown together without a plan, which was a big mistake first of all. I was getting ready to leave the studio and just hope for the best results the next day, and then it struck me...I was actually feeling my earing at the time and it inspired me to build this shape of course originally it didn't have the entwined circles, BUT it soon developed into that. What I was originally going for was a shell shaped structure that would cradle the egg but I had trouble making that one because the paper molding technique wasn't very efficient. This Idea, being spontaneous and all, was fun to construct and I felt like I had a lot of options to work with. The overall meaning of the structure holding the egg was symmetry and centralization. The sphere is meant to portray the curves of the egg (which is perfectly symmetrical, horizontally and vertically) and celebrate the egg by putting it in the center of a seemingly god-like structure that put the egg in a suspended position to be viewed at all sides and was untouched and protected by these entwined circles that I perceived as representing the balance of life and death. Even if one thing dies another will be born in its place and that cycle continues to infinite. (note: the curves don't stop at any point, although one circle is cut to show how the circles don't touch, which is symbolic of birth being a non-physical connection to death)

After the first critique I had learned that the project had no need of a base, but it didn't take me long to realize the solution to this problem. I designed it so that it would lay on its side...besides what really is up and down on a spherical egg? So here it is I've snapped a couple angles of the egg to show on here.

This was a shot from the top of the egg and I liked to way the light on each side cast two shadows, it was a pretty neat effect.

This is another shot taken of the egg place on the other side so that you can see how the two circles don"t actually touch each other.

This is a shot from the back, as you can see I used a lollipop stick to suspend the egg in the center of the sphere-like structure.

Negative Space Bicycle

This is a sketch that I made in class of a bicycle laying upside down on the bench in the lobby of the studio arts building. At first I was a little unsure of where to start on the sketch and as you can see I used pen so that it would display a sense of permanence to this drawing. So i started on the front tire of the bike (on the left side) and worked my way around the tire and down the frame of the bicycle. I was actually very pleased with the end result of this drawing. I feel like this may be a big improvement from my last negative space sketches.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The New Science Building

These drawings here are meant to show the contour lines of the new science building, and of course its surrounding area. Each of these pictures, notably the second attempt at drawing the building give a sense of layering to them. The trees were a big help in drawing the layers because they helped me see the picture more clearly and focus more on what I actually SAW in comparison to what I knew was there. Above is the first drawing that I made of the building, and as you can see here I had a little trouble including depth into my sketch, some of the clues would be the height of the light pole, and angle of the roof's slope.

El Carreton

This was a contour drawing of the stairway that leads up to El Carreton. This was a dificult sketch and took me a couple tries as you can see...I overshot the circle the first time soo I had to scale it down to fit the page.

Monday, September 3, 2007


This Sketch was fun to do, even though there wasn't much time to complete it. The task given to me in this drawing was to draw the cityscape as I saw it in front of me. The hard part was of course getting comfortable so that I wouldn't move around and have to adjust to draw at different angles. The Look to this picture seems cartoon-like. I didn't want to impose on my lack of skill in drawing, but it really has a nice touch to it. Hopefully one day I'll have enough time to color it in or something.

Blind Contours

At first when I heard about the "blind contour" I was a bit unsure of myself. When I started the blind contour I let my eyes guide my pencil. The only trouble I had was restraining my eyes from wandering off course. This "mis-guidance" would lead my pencil astray and in some of these you will notice numerous lines where there is some confusion as to where my pencil starts and stops. After doing a few I started getting the hold of it, and even though most of these are quite wretched I still appreciate the Aesthetic look to the images, not to mention the concept behind them.

In the Picture above of the Box you can see how the lines start to break away from each other. That would be a result of my rapid eye movement.

Negative Space Sketch's

Drawing Negative space is a new technique that I practiced in Design Drawing. The drawing of negative space is about the shapes you can see outside of the objects "frame" On here I posted a couple sketch's that I put together inside and outside of class to portray the negative space within a chair.