Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pandora's Box

This box was actually had an interesting process behind it. I started out researching some box online and came across a few designs, one stretched out and locked into place, and then I came across this idea. At first I sketched it out and strangely enough the sketch was very acurate. I added dimensions to the sketch and it ended up becoming a layout for the design process, which made things much easier in constructing the box.

This first iteration of the box was very sloppy, but it was very functional. I was pleased with it, although I needed a new approach to building it. Here I cut out each individual peice and glued them together. This was not only time consuming but sloppy.

This is another picture of the sloppiness of the first project. As you can see the glue is very clearly seen.

This second iteration was much better, and I tried a new technique by scoring the sides and then bending them inward. It was much faster and much easier to build this time. The only problem I ran into was the top which I was going to put a slide peice in but then it looked tacked on and very un-atractive.

This final iteration of the box project was very easy and simple to construct. I had layed out everything on my mat board, and then just cut out two large peices. I scored them together and used rubber cement to glue them temporarily. Afterwards I used hot glue on a couple sides to help make the structure more permentant. Then I scratched away the rubber cement and It looked much cleaner. After talking to Tommy about what else I should do, he suggested that I leave it the way it is. I wanted to paint it, but he said I shouldnt have because the blue on the white was a very unique contrast.

Another shot of the finally iteration.


Monique Nicole said...

i really liked the different compartments within your pencil box...very interactive...i also like how you showed your process...ill do that on the next project myself...check out my blog in your free time as well

thats just it said...

great pencil box.

very simple yet well thought at the same time.