Monday, September 3, 2007


This Sketch was fun to do, even though there wasn't much time to complete it. The task given to me in this drawing was to draw the cityscape as I saw it in front of me. The hard part was of course getting comfortable so that I wouldn't move around and have to adjust to draw at different angles. The Look to this picture seems cartoon-like. I didn't want to impose on my lack of skill in drawing, but it really has a nice touch to it. Hopefully one day I'll have enough time to color it in or something.


Zach said...

I like the cityscape, the layers are really nice, I would just be careful of the hairy lines, I also have a habit of doing them and they come out looking timid

Anna said...

what a great skyline! This composition is great because you've really captured a great view. I'll have to agree with Zach about the furry lines, though.