Sunday, November 9, 2008

Design Timeline

Starting from Revivalism We have University of Virginia main library. Into Arts and Crafts we come to the Gustav Stickling armchair, then Gaudi’s Casa Mila. In Art Deco there are many vertical buildings similar to the Chrysler building in design through thin narrow strong vertical elements. Modernism grew from Art Deco showing Corbusier Chapel at fifty. As modernism grew Eero Saarinen came to build the St. Louis arch presenting us with connections to the past, present and future. The High-tech movement came along through the 70-80s and Piano and Rogers Lloyds of London building was constructed. Finally we come to post modernism and the Indianapolis College Life Insurance building showing repetition and the idea of deconstruction.

Monday, October 6, 2008

S.O.C - Shelter l Bus

Why design for four when you could design for more?

Above are four cross section perspectives, two longitudinal sections, a circulation/public/private space analysis and a detail drawing of collapsible shelter. Conceptually this was a battle between designing a "luxury" bus for four tramatized workers, or designing a communal hub for not just relief workers but for victims as well. I felt a strong concern about designing a comfortable suite for only four people, reason being, relief work is about the people who need it most, they are there for them, not for themselves. I realize that after carrying the dead around all day and taking care of the injured, they would need a comfortable place where they can forget about everything on the outside. They have a home for that, and when their work is done they have a home to go to. This bus consists of four experienced intellectual relief workers and sixteen victims to help out. Thats twenty people total in efforts to sway the affects of a natural disaster such as katrina. Thats five times more man power than the original design, and can save millions of dollars in return by reducing the amount of buses needed to house relief workers and victims.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Community Outreach

In reaching out to the community our group wanted to have a centralized sculpture that was a landmark for everything else. This sculpture is to incorporate something that the community would continue to pass on lee street and turn around a question the meaning behind the structure. In there search they will find that it leads back to the interior architecture studio. The sculpture is very important in this proposal, but we didn't want to limit ourselves, so we connected all of our other proposals back to this idea.

In the photo above we marked a location where alot of our guerrilla marketing would take place. The depot is the heart of the Greensboro transit system, so in order to connect with the rest of Greensboro, why not penetrate at the very epicenter? here we would conduct fundraisers to "sell" our products, which include food, pens, stickers, flyer's-all completely free.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sustainablity through Space

This Image by Ivana Franke "Full Empty Space" speaks alot to me in terms of sustainability. Empty Space? It really makes you wonder questions: Whats in there? How do you navigate the space? Intentionality versus intentionality. Maybe the question we all are missing is "how much space do we need. I would be willing to bet money based on the size of our living quarters that 70 percent or more of that space is waste. And all of that waste is a product of Architects and designers that contribute to the construction of colossal Hollywood homes, where maybe 1 or 2 people will live and only viably use less than 3 percent of that space. Now look around you and think globally how much energy and natural resources go into "empty" space. It's static possessions that control those space, and maybe it wouldn't be a long shot by saying our ego is too big.

Now back to UNCG, how do they help with space. Well, its simple, dorm rooms. Dorms rooms are sustainable in my opinion. We learn to make use of every inch in that space. I didn't realize it at first but after a while, I came back to my dorm room and felt cozy at home knowing I had everything I needed right in that's 20 sq ft. space. I could give almost 1000's of examples of spaces that conserve and contribute to sustainability. So next time you go home think about your space, and think about if it adds anything to your lifestyle, or is it merely you ego.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unknown Separation

Today I was given a mission, and that was to explore the exciting GTA bus system. As soon as class ended I headed out to the Bus stop with Leah, Heather, Sara, and Anna, located at Anna's house. The was a small sign up with the route number on it, and with my experienced skills at bus riding I immediately knew that route 2 would lead us to Four Seasons town center. We ended up having to call the bus number to pick us up and surprisingly the bus came literally within seconds of receiving our call and location. Once the bus arrived I was pushed along quickly after I swiped my card by the Bus drivers impatient motives. Apparently we were causing the bus to by slightly delayed due to an off route call. I could see on the looks of everybodies faces that they were not happy with us. Well I felt bad, but hey, its the way things worked out, so what? After quickly absorbing the torrential downfall of frowns, I sat down comfortably in a hard plastic shelled seat. Definitely not the best seat in the world, and my survival rate dropped due to the lack of passenger protection gear such as the commonly known seat belt. I understand I'm riding this bus at my own risk, and also the fact that unless this bus plowed off a cliff or got jacked by terrorists, I was quite safe. Moving on past the physical feeling of being on the bus, I'll let you know that it smelled like the fumes from a dirty lawnmower. I didn't hear many people talking, so I assumed the passengers were on there way to work, or heading home for the evening. If i were to describe some of the people then I would say most of them were predominately African American. I actually didn't read the excerpt about the sit-ins in greensboro before going onto the bus, due to a time crunch. However after just reading over it, I've realized that things now seem to be very equal, but not at the same time. I couldn't understand why Most kids at A&T are African American still, and there is a white minority. I have a few friends who go there and they are African American. I asked them why they didn't choose to go to NC state or some other school for engineering and they told me because they were familiar with the school. From the reading it seemed that alot of African Americans were applying to get into white school and were denied, and now that the restrictions are lifted things are still very some extent. Back to the bus though, It was a curious sight to see only African Americans on the bus besides ourselves. I'm not sure why, but my first guess was not joy riding around Greensboro like myself. The bus returned to the depot where we proceeded to get off and explore the area. The first stop was the Greensboro train station. The station itself was impressive, it had high vaulted ceiling, and many rows of large wooden benches. These benches stretched half the room, where only 4 or 5 people actually were sitting on them. My observation would be that public transportation has changed alot since the car came along, and trains are no longer a reliable source of transportation due to it. Again much like the bus, most of the people in there were African american, and again I realize that although many things have changed an unknown segregation still lays before us. This occurs in school, in work, and even in transportation.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Uhm...first week of class

This week started off alright, but then when I found out Tuesday night that I couldn't get into the studio after work...I guess you could say I was "pissed" off. I understand that some of the cards were deactivated, but its worse when security won't even let you in. Struggling through 9am - 11pm from going to class early to finding times to eat, and then going to work and still finding other ways to work around the clock. Time constraints are harder on me this time but I'm just going to have to figure out how to manage my time alot better. Once my card is activated then I think everything will work out a little smoother.

Uhm...first week of 2nd year

Uhm...first week of 2nd year

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pathways and Nodes

First stop on the journey to he natural science center: Intersection between spring garden and Warren street, which is the location of my residence.

Second Stop: Approaching a Baptist church on Aycock going towards battleground ave.
Third Stop: Under two bridges down Aycock.

Fourth Stop: On Westover I passed a large high school on the left.Fifth Stop: Detoured down friendly ave. and passes the new friendly center.
Sixth Stop: Lucky 32 back on westover ave.

Seventh Stop: Krispy Kreme on Battleground ave.

Eighth Stop: The freshmarket on Lawndale rd.

Ninth stop: Forest Lawn Cemetery on Lawndale rd.

Final stop: The natural science center. The most notable aspect was all of the vegetation around the building

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I made a Mess of Things...Elsewhere

Elsewhere was a real "change" for me as far as art is concerned. When I first walked into Elsewhere I thought that you could buy the items from the store. However I was wrong, very much so. The concept of the store was how the objects, that you cannot purchase, move around. The store is almost like a living breathing organism. It all started when I picked up the bouncy palls and slammed them into a colossus mess of instruments, some only pieces remained, and heard a loud crashing sound of atonality. I was worried they would lose the bouncy balls, but the owners didn't seem to care, they just kinda shrugged when things fell off the wall of bouncy balls flew across the room.

After having a brief walk through of the building, the owners explained to us that the whole purchase behind the building was change. Visiting artists would come there and move objects all around creating puns, and other strange creations. These creations shape the atmosphere and space within the environment. I can remember when I walked across the creaky "levitating" platforms over the glass bottles embedded within the floor that I was really experiencing that space. I felt like i was going to fall through any minute, and I quote Zach when he said "it was a leap of faith. "

There were many other experience's within elsewhere, almost too many to talk about so I'm just going to skip ahead to the drawing experience.

I heard the owner mention concept of layers many times over, and I decided that it would be a good Idea to try and draw my space using layers. So I started off by drawing a basic perspective of the space as shown below. (My space was the skyscraper) This picture is composed of a couple layers in itself, which included a layer of pencil, a layer of pen, and marker.

From here I took a new sheet of trace paper and drew in the objects that I saw within the space, some of which changed spots over the course of time. But this only added a neat messy effect to it. below are the objects in empty space without the structural layer added. As you can see the objects where drawn very quickly in a gesture type manner (this tends to be prevalent in my style).

From here I Layered the drawing to get a closer look at it, and realized that alot was going on in the drawing. I liked the way that felt , because Elsewhere was all about busy clusters of junk that moved around unknowingly. I decided that I wanted the space to stretch out more and have alot of contrast between the layers so I went back through and added another layer.

In this next layer I went back over the original structural perspective of the skyscraper and drew the lines so that they would interact with all the other lines. This created interesting weave in the drawing and I liked it because it felt more energetic, especially after I added the color, which was the next layer.

Here is the color layer in empty space.

Finally I got the final drawing of the space.

I would consider going back here in the future because everyone was so nice. I felt at home when I was there amongst the piles of mess. However still organized in some fashion, I still felt like maybe I could make art work without having a clear polished statement. Beyond art this space is an organism in all forms. I guess Mark Rothko was right about art in space.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sketch-Up tryout

I had a little difficulty using the guide lines, but besides that everything was pretty clean and easy to understand. I'm still not a big fan because it just doesnt any personality to it. I feel like hand rendering something like this would bring more attention to it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleeping Quarters

Here are a few examples of sleeping spaces that you may not have thought about, or maybe you have.

Above are a few bulb-shaped tents that hang down from the trees.

Micro compact home. The ideal sleeping location of my choice, small, sustainable, and very portable. Everything you need you can just fold right out of the walls, or the ground. If you ask me, I think we could conserve resources by having everyone live in something like this, because how much space do we really "need"?

No its not a spaceship, however your kids might be pleased to know this is a tree house. The clever and simple design makes this successful.

If your homeless you might consider your options a little more carefully.

Whether your a space geek or not this design is very modern and futurist like, however it does not lose the quality of comfort.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Foust Presentation Board

First off, I would really like to thank everyone that helped us with this board. I was pleased the way it came out, however, I thought there were a ffew kinks in it. One of which was the presentation of the black against this olive green color. I looked good up close but you cannot see it from a distance. I felt like the thumbnails could have had a contrasting strip behind them to push them out a little more, or even what Tommy said with bringing them up farther so that the title would run perpendicular to the thumbnails. Overall, it was a real struggle but I learned quite a few things from it, and brought that into my studio midterm presentation.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doors/Windows, Drawing

Here were some more technical drawings of doors and windows. I was pleased with my lettering however, the guide lines were a little dark.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fisher house from Ching Book

This is a drawing of the floor plan from the Ching book. I thought that the orange poche would turn out well, but when I made the copy it did not appear as well as the black poche would.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pen and Ink Styles

Styles:Drawing by Jake Tucci.

Drawing by user k0hi at Deviant Art.

Drawing by user Swolf330 at Deviant Art.

My Drawings/Attempts:

Drawing of a hallway through the Foust building trying to utilize Jakes vanishing point. Here in the picture the vanishing point is not visible which made it alot harder for me to draw. I'm pretty sure I did not hit the style right on, but maybe alot more practice and I'll have the concept done correctly.

Here I utilize the second pen and ink technique, but instead I added another form of media to it so that the black's would come out alot bolder.

A drawing of the exterior of the Foust building. Some of the picture was cut off because I ran out of space. I would expect to do more shading in the future so that the drawing will pop out more in a 3 dimensional way.