Monday, October 6, 2008

S.O.C - Shelter l Bus

Why design for four when you could design for more?

Above are four cross section perspectives, two longitudinal sections, a circulation/public/private space analysis and a detail drawing of collapsible shelter. Conceptually this was a battle between designing a "luxury" bus for four tramatized workers, or designing a communal hub for not just relief workers but for victims as well. I felt a strong concern about designing a comfortable suite for only four people, reason being, relief work is about the people who need it most, they are there for them, not for themselves. I realize that after carrying the dead around all day and taking care of the injured, they would need a comfortable place where they can forget about everything on the outside. They have a home for that, and when their work is done they have a home to go to. This bus consists of four experienced intellectual relief workers and sixteen victims to help out. Thats twenty people total in efforts to sway the affects of a natural disaster such as katrina. Thats five times more man power than the original design, and can save millions of dollars in return by reducing the amount of buses needed to house relief workers and victims.

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