Sunday, September 21, 2008

Community Outreach

In reaching out to the community our group wanted to have a centralized sculpture that was a landmark for everything else. This sculpture is to incorporate something that the community would continue to pass on lee street and turn around a question the meaning behind the structure. In there search they will find that it leads back to the interior architecture studio. The sculpture is very important in this proposal, but we didn't want to limit ourselves, so we connected all of our other proposals back to this idea.

In the photo above we marked a location where alot of our guerrilla marketing would take place. The depot is the heart of the Greensboro transit system, so in order to connect with the rest of Greensboro, why not penetrate at the very epicenter? here we would conduct fundraisers to "sell" our products, which include food, pens, stickers, flyer's-all completely free.


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