Thursday, September 13, 2007

Human space drawings

I really had a hard time finding a good spot to draw people at, so I went to the library to draw people on the computers. Though the people did stay still for a bit, they always moved around and walked about, or even just left. This really made some of the drawings quite hard to do because I cant always picture what the person looked like in their past pose.
On this drawing I concentrated on getting both the peoples general position with the computer right. The space was hard to draw, but drawing in pen made things more fun because I had to commit to the drawing and go with it.

The wheelchair was another tough one...well none of these were actually easy. But this one was tough because the wheel chair was at an awkward angle and there were also alot of people in this drawing shifting around so it was a really difficult drawing. Though I tried to concentrate on the people more I ended up screwing up that and the space they were rendered in.
This last drawing (not that they are in any particular order) was drawn on the first floor of the library, in a large room on the left where a bunch of people were studying and messing around on the computers. I was a bit disappointed in this drawing mainly because I had messed up numerous times on the girl to the left and ended up having a nest of lines in there that I couldn't get rid of. I guess a lesson learned here would be to sketch over in pencil and then draw in the confident lines with pen.


Jennifer said...

Ok so your drawings are great. I mean they are really really really just thought u should kno that

Jayson Parker said...

I really like how you portrayed this space. The curves of the shelves and how the people are sitting in the space makes me want to visit it myself.