Monday, September 10, 2007

The Egg Project

Where to begin? Well it was 3:30 in the morning the day before a previous critique, and I had a bunch of projects that really just didn't fall through right. A couple of them were thrown together without a plan, which was a big mistake first of all. I was getting ready to leave the studio and just hope for the best results the next day, and then it struck me...I was actually feeling my earing at the time and it inspired me to build this shape of course originally it didn't have the entwined circles, BUT it soon developed into that. What I was originally going for was a shell shaped structure that would cradle the egg but I had trouble making that one because the paper molding technique wasn't very efficient. This Idea, being spontaneous and all, was fun to construct and I felt like I had a lot of options to work with. The overall meaning of the structure holding the egg was symmetry and centralization. The sphere is meant to portray the curves of the egg (which is perfectly symmetrical, horizontally and vertically) and celebrate the egg by putting it in the center of a seemingly god-like structure that put the egg in a suspended position to be viewed at all sides and was untouched and protected by these entwined circles that I perceived as representing the balance of life and death. Even if one thing dies another will be born in its place and that cycle continues to infinite. (note: the curves don't stop at any point, although one circle is cut to show how the circles don't touch, which is symbolic of birth being a non-physical connection to death)

After the first critique I had learned that the project had no need of a base, but it didn't take me long to realize the solution to this problem. I designed it so that it would lay on its side...besides what really is up and down on a spherical egg? So here it is I've snapped a couple angles of the egg to show on here.

This was a shot from the top of the egg and I liked to way the light on each side cast two shadows, it was a pretty neat effect.

This is another shot taken of the egg place on the other side so that you can see how the two circles don"t actually touch each other.

This is a shot from the back, as you can see I used a lollipop stick to suspend the egg in the center of the sphere-like structure.

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