Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Drawfest

This here is a composition of Drawing styles and techniques that I have learned over the course of the year. In class we had a model pose for us, and we had an hour to create thumbnail compositions and then create a final composition that we would incorporate 4 different techniques. The techniques that i put together were Shading, contour, blind contour, and gestural. I was fairly surprised by the work that i did here, and I felt pretty good about it. My shading drawing was very good, considering I have alot of trouble with the human face and attributing it to the person I'm drawing. Overall I feel pretty successful about the composition.

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suzanne said...

You should be happy with the work you did here.. My favorite part is where you zoomed in on Tiffany's face. You attention to light and shadow is great.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.