Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nice Blog

After looking through some of the blogs on this website I particularly liked crackskullbob's blog. In the blog he incorperated alot of interesting drawings. Browing around his drawings I came across a section called "playing in painter". A couple of the drawings I noticed were very cartoon like and playful. I enjoyed that, one noticable one was "crash" which showed a picture of a wrecked car, obviously exhaggerated, but still fun the same.




uncg iar said...

I think Crack Skull Bob is a great example of how drawing doesn't always have to be serious. Humor can be a very good thing.

Try including the link to his site like we discussed in class today.

Sarah said...

Hi Ben,
I looked at your work and read all your comments and I really appreciate your sense of aesthetics. You don't just look for precision and accuracy, but for a feel. Very nice, especially for those of us who are beginners and need to appreciate our efforts even if they are a bit woppyjawed!