Monday, December 3, 2007

Micro compact Homes

A team of researchers from the university at Munich designed this space to help with housing demand and sustainability. The Micro compact Home and around 30,000 euros, and 50,000 American dollars. This house contains everything that is essential for the average human to survive, and its really well constructed and clever. The floor comes up to make a bed, and the shower pops out of the wall and the water drains right below it. The kitchen and everything are all Incorporated into one small space. These homes are very popular in creating communities. There is a recent project that's being worked on which suspends these house above each other into and tree-like form. This design reduces the use of land and all the materials used within the project are completely recyclable making it sustainable. These small homes can be dropped out in the middle of nowhere and with an attached solar panel to the roof you can have power and satellites make it possible for theses houses to communicate to the world from distant locations. A great design, and I feel like we might be seeing this come alive in the future more, heck maybe I'll get one myself, I'm not the kind of guys that needs much room.


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