Monday, December 3, 2007


When i first saw this site, I was a bit skeptical, but after exploring it for a while I grew really fond of the web design. It took a while to get use to it, because at first there was a bunch of letters jumbled up and flying around the screen and I got really lost. The graphics are mind blowing. In the upper right hand corner of the page, there are three links which open up a small hub that allows you to see the company working live from three different platforms. Its not much like a video camera, but I think every minute or so the picture is updated. I like that, because the public, or client, can see how well the company works. This is a really good strategy for drawing in clients. Besides there website, I looked around at some of the buildings and spaces that they design, and I was very impressed. One of which that captivated me was the design competition for the capital of Alaska. The building was really amazing, and the renderings were really good as well. Personally I've never seen a better capital, and that in itself makes me want to travel up there to see the design. Overall, This firm really deserves the fame it appears to have. A very well thought out web page and intuitively designed. Although I work out it being a little bit more user friendly, Sometimes I can get lost within the letters.


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