Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some Eco-Friendly Items

Here is the Cross side table designed by Andre' Joyeu. This table is very unique in its composition which is old white oak. The surface is polished nicely to look very pale and clean, which is what I really enjoy about it. It really reminds me of an ancient sculpture laid in ruin, which gives me the impression that it is a very sustainable design. Not only environment friendly but completely re-usable.

Dirtt walls are the new replacement for dry-wall. They are consisted of separate tiles and can be re-arranged on the wall. This design makes construction alot easier, as well as "de-contruction." Since the environment is effected by demolition of dry-wall buildings, this method makes the process more envirnmentally friendly, which is in turn much more sustainable.

A good example of what recycled glass can be made into. This chandelier is awesome, I am really into the tentacle looking bulbs that protrude from the base. It almost reminds me of a star, because when you look at stars closely they flare up and you see these kinds of shapes. I guess you could say this product looks sustainable as well as being sustainable. Stars have to recycle energy too.

When I first looked at these, I thought, wow what a piece of junk. Then I realized their names were Dust catchers. So I thought about what I would use these unique looking vases for and really nothing came to mind except pots for plants. Not really my kind of thing, however the company runs their furnaces off of wind-powered electricity, and donates about 100 pounds of glass to be recycled every day.

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