Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Music Albums Connect

This recent NIN remix album was just released, and I was immediately drawn to the cover of the album. The songs weren't all that amazing, but I was amazed by the artwork shown on the cover. I feel like when I'm browsing around the store and I see a nice cover like this, I will pick it up and hope that the music is Representative of the cover itself. I mean thats the way it should be.

A very morbid album cover, but It is somewhat cool to look at. The picture is really weird, and I wouldn't suggest it to the average alternative kid, but by personal preference I really enjoy it. The little feathers and the slick hair combed over her eye, give a very defiant look, which is very much like the singer on this album. However it has some medieval references with the cloak, and the poetry written on the album really shows in this picture. So once again this album reveals to us the nature of the music.

Very weird indeed, but I loved the text effect that they had. I didn't quite understand the name of the band itself and the music was awkward, but I did see how the music fit the cover of this album. The cartoons that hovered above the text are strange and I don't particularly like them that much. However they do seem to flow with the text nicely which is the only reason I can seem to stand them being there.

A great band, and the color of choice if I were to choose. The music is very repetitive and minimalistic, which goes along with this album cover. There really isn't much which isn't overwhelming to the eye. The colors reinforce the look on the mans face, and his pose shows how the album will feel to the buyer. A great album and a great cover.

This is one of my favorite album covers because it is very clean and organized. I would definitely want to hear the music if I were to see this album in stores. The crossroads are very apparent and come full circle when you listen to the whole album. The colors are very cool and electrical which defines the music as a soothing electronic experience. This is a must have for any fan of electronic music, and the fits the album perfectly, in fact flawlessly.

This is rebellious as it can get to the modern world. This picture shows how peace and prosperity is being destroyed for such monopolization in the economy. I really like the burning peace symbol and the effect it seems to have on the picture. The music is very minimal but draws you in like the burning peace symbol does. The symbol actually draws you into the backing scene, and is very representative of the world we live in today.

I am a fan of the music, but the album cover is just not up to the music standards. The electronics in the music are much more complex than it is shown in this album cover. It seems like they tried to pull off some sort of mathematical look to it with some sort of alien life form. I did enjoy the music, but the album cover needs alot of work if it is to achieve anything close to the effect of the music.

With teeth is an intriguing name to go with for an album. I can't quite figure out why it is named that, but there is a song on the album that is called with teeth. When I saw the nine inch nails logo it looked like a bar code, but when I looked closer the effect seemed to drift away and connected to some organic form. The form itself looks like it might be dripping ink on some transparent board. A really nice touch, but the music has nothing to do with it.

Muse is very overwhelming when it comes to their music, which it good, because when you look at this album cover the man seems to be overwhelmed with some greater thing. I don't know what that thing is, maybe its just a force of nature or something. The hovering silhouette's make me ponder alot of questions regarding the state we live in, and that is what muses music is all about. Absolution, the search for something, for answers.

Unsure of what the cover may be, but I guess thats just part of the greater mystery added to their music. It looks as if there is some sort of switch on the bottom left part of the screen. I feel like I'm looking through a cracked window as well, and maybe a torn up cardboard box in the background. The cover is alright...but I feel lost when I look at it. I mean maybe they just want the buyer to be lost in both their music and their artwork.


Sarah said...

These are really interesting choices! I did album covers, too, but from the 60s and 70s. It's really fun to match the images with the music!

Sarah said...

These are really interesting choices! I did album covers, too, but from the 60s and 70s. It's really fun to match the images with the music!