Monday, October 29, 2007

FRCH, Design Worldwide

At first look I was impressed and The graphics were pretty intense, and had small rectangles pop up and create this site layout. The graphics are amazing, whenever I roll over some text or links the letters and numbers move. I really feel like I could interact with any part of this site. I looked around some and came across a video...yeah right. Seriously I came across a video and it was awesome, I watched it and then I realized right there, they just won me over. I saw there culture and style of work the friendly enviroments they work in. It was all amazing. The video included a step by step contour sketch that slowly evolved into real life. I was just jaw dropped by the creativity displayed in this site. Everything really is just wonderfully done and I can look through the site easily and in short phrases the company tells you what there all about without you having to sit around and ponder the meaning of it. Simple, complex, interactive, and creative. I love the site, I love the company.

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Kevin said...

Ben - Thanks for the kind words. We spend a lot of time on the site and appreciate any and all feedback.

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