Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gesture Drawings

Here I've posted a couple Gestural drawings that I did the other day. I tried to practice the quick strokes and worry more about getting the gesture of the person. I did the same person with two different mediums to see if it made a difference, and I ended up liking the way my charcoal gestures started to look in contrast to the ink drawing below. I've done many other drawings and will eventually post them up as soon as I get the time to scan them through the school. I think with more practice I can start to refine my quickness and precision with these gesture drawings.

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LJ said...

What is your last name. I need to find a gesture artist and a picture from them by the 19th of Jan. 2010. I would also need 10 facts about you. This is a school progect I am working on. I can't find any one who is as good as you at it. Please help.

Lexi Burgess