Friday, October 19, 2007


As I was walking through Durhams new park downtown, I looked into the window of one of the buildings and saw a big sign that said Little on it and it was glowing red. I looked them up online and came across the Design firm, and they work in many different fields and collaborate across various projects which I thought was pretty cool. The design site is really easy to navigate and I have no trouble getting around. If I wanted to see what kind of projects they've been working on I just click on either community, retail, or workplace to view the different projects or spaces they've been working on. The site is very pleasing to look at and is not an eye sore. When you enter the site theres a small introduction which forms the site in front of your eyes, pretty neat graphics. On the home page there is usually 4 links that change the photo in the background of the home page. This photos are shots of new projects they've been workingon and it helps to see that the company is very active and growing in size. Overall there really isn't too much to say about the site besides its simplicty and its user friendly. I really liked it alot and I'm excited to see that there is a local firm that does alot of really awesome things.

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