Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sasaki Associates, Inc.

Wow, this company is really overwhelming. I looked under there portfolio, and noticed that they have hundereds of pages worth of projects that they have created. I'm really impressed by it, however the site feels a little sloppy. I feel like they need more pictures or somthing, because when I come to there home page I see grey and small white text which bothers me, and I think how hard it might be to read for someone looking to work with them. I think nice big text and more stand out colors and pictures would make me feel like I've jumped into their world and I can get a nice feel for their work. The site is very professional and I guess I'm a little bias because I prefer the more interactive sites that have alot of graphic and really feels interactive, compared to the boring plain layout sites that are completly straight-forward. I can see that the company does alot of good work but I feel like their site could use alot of improvment.

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