Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Shatter Cube

This was a really exciting project and I had so many different memories and ideas that it felt so cluttered at first. I had gone through a couple memories from the past two years of my life and came upon one that was more recent and inspired by a friend of mine. Last year I encountered many obstacles and changes in my life. It was exciting but scary and confusing at the same time. I had a big course load both semesters and eventually pulled through on the deans list for the year. My parents were really happy for me and it was a great change considering that I struggled through high school somewhat.

On my first iteration I was just playing around with materials and originally was going to just paint a cube. While I was working on the cube I noticed Philips technique in scoring the mat board and using it as a way of contrasting the colors and bringing out forms. A light bulb went up and right then I knew what to do, and so I made the cube and scored on the lines to create a nice 3d color contrast.

This next iteration was a big change from the first one. I guess I was thinking more with texture rather than color. I mean it wouldn't hurt to go somewhere else with this project. So instead of scoring the lines I ended up pealing off the squares and it created this dark rough texture that I really saw going somewhere. The color was black to show how absorbing the feeling was, because I did absorb a lot of knowledge from last year in many different fields of study before I finally decided on this program in interior architecture. The resin mold ended up being extra junk so I decided to through that out, I think Tommy agreed with me on that one...well moreover he was the influential figure in this discussion.

This was my final project the black shatter cube. It really feel defiant in a lot of ways, considering a cube is missing and the black is still the absorbing color it was before. Now that I look back on this project in comparison to the metamorphosis I see how this developed in that way. The 3d scoring technique came from the first iteration and I combined that with the color from the second iteration and I got this. Well with a few added feature such as an increase in size and the missing cube really helped too with the development of this memory.

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Melody said...

Your cube is pretty sweet.. I'm not gonna lie.. I'm pretty jealous of it.. haha. good job