Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This project was particularly difficult for me to complete. I pretty much spent the night in the studio the day before to complete this. I do have to say that it was my fault for starting on such a late notice. I never expected it to take me this long to complete it, and even though it is complete I feel like there is alot of work to be done here.

In the process of searching for my pictures I looked through some various magazines, including Architecture Digest, Dwell, and wallpaper as well. A couple of the photos are uploaded from online because I had run into them in another class and really wanted to talk about them. One of those in particular is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

This was a really nice house, and I wanted to show more views of it so I ended up taking up the whole two pages for it. I actually did that for alot of the buildings that I choose because there was so much to see in them that one picture wouldn't be enough. In doing more pictures I ran into another problem, which was the 3 page limit. I thought about it some, and I really wanted to include the extra photos so I felt compelled to break the rules and use 4 sheets of paper instead of 3.

Overall I did learn alot about magazine layouts and I feel in the future If i ever had to do another one, I will be more knowledgeable in the process, which would include better time management, and quality of craft. I also think it would have been helpful if we reviewed some computer tools, such as illustrator that would have greatly helped with this project.

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thats just it said...

Nice Zine. I really like the bold text and large pictures.
Yet like you said i could see a little more work to be done. I would like to see some datum lines and some borders to carry the eye from one page to the next. And maybe some small inset pictures along with the larger ones to add some detail and variety throughout the zine.

Nice job.
keep it up!