Friday, October 12, 2007


Middle Mix:

Ashley's Mix:

Ben's Mix:

I wasn't too sure on how to approach this project once it was given to us. It actually took about a day for it to start to fall through, and after a couple sketches I started to see a point to come across. My two projects that I choose was Ben Collins egg project, and Ashley Blackburn's memory project. I really did like the shape that Ben took on the egg project and the use of tabs layed into that was really interesting. I tried to Incorporate a couple things from his project that included: the shape, color, directed light from the top, and the centralization. Upon coming to Ashley's memory I was stumped, but once I sketched out a few designs and played with some new materials, such as foam board and wood, I started to see a good middle mix come through.

The next day we received a new assignment, which was to find the mixes between the middle mix and the two projects. So this meant that I had to build two more iterations for Friday. The first iteration that I worked on was that of Ashley's and one of my classmates brought back some materials from work and suddenly I had an idea. She brought back a flat piece of Styrofoam with holes in it. I ended up cutting these round pieces of wood into foot long pieces much like the length of the first middle mix. I took these pieces of wood and I weaved them through the foam, and it cause a really cool wavey pattern than kept true to Ben's curves in his project yet the straightness as well. I added a lot of color and texture to the project that Ashley used in hers and this led to an interesting finger painting experience.

After completing her portion of the project, or metamorphosis, I began to brainstorm on Ben's project. I looked at his closely and talked to him about it and His project was very simple. So I wanted to incorporate and very simple look to his yet keep true somewhat to the craziness of Ashley's memory. So I talked to Ben about how he used tabs on his egg project. From there I duplicated his technique and then used colorful rubber bands that portrayed the colorfulness of Ashley's Project. Some of the colors she used as I remember were pink, light blue, green, purple, and light yellow. I found the tabs very hard to measure out and even harder to put together as I needed some help. Once the tabs were in place there was really no need of glue or any other adhesive, which was really nice and made my life a lot easier.

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